Poker Chip Race basic strategies

So I am attempting to get started with poker chip race but I am having trouble beating the first boss, so if all could please share how you got past the wood leagues by implementing physical properties: it would be a big help to me(and the other 1000 people stuck in wood2). If you think that this would be too much of a giveaway, please say so and I shall remove this thread.

Thanks, keep coding!!

Have you tried to Google this? I came up with very interesting information from the site itself:

If you are too lazy to read all that here is the link from top players pm:
Or a very detailed strategy from manwe:

Implementation of this kind of algorithm should likely get you out of bronze givent there are advices from top players of the game.

Will try that, but the problem that I find with the top player post motems is that it mostly focusses on their winning strategy, and this often involves complex algorithms like monte carlo, genetics etc.

I want to try starting small, like very basic logics that will just get me to Bronze. I will not be able to implement tougher algorithms without sufficient study.