PokerChipRace Strategy explanations

Hi guys !

Again a wonderful challenge that ends. I have to admit I though we will be playing a card game, so I’ve been surprised reading the rules :) !
But dealing with physics was fun, and took me back to school. I even had to double check how we solve second degree equations… High school is not so far away, but I am clearly not using it anymore !

I’m really looking forward to have an overview of Xylo’s strategy. Let’s face it, he kicked our ass ! When I saw how he was able to use the wall in order to move without loosing mass, I’ve been impressed. I understood that it was potentially generating a double acceleration for free,
but had not enough time to code something…
Congratulations to him and to all other challengers that put the pressure on the leader-board.

I hope other contestant will share what strategy they put in place. It was just a knightmare to write the content of the strategy in the editor, so I prefered to make a pdf you’ll find here.

Any comments are welcome!!

See you the 4th October for those who will be @ Winamax !
And for the others… See you the next AI challenge :slight_smile:


Woot ! That’s a really nice share ! It’s a lot of work to explain what you did !

GG :slight_smile:

Hey @Manwe, that’s big and nice job to share this with us. Level is high, no place for random in your strategy. It will be hard for me if I have to challenge you saturday :wink:

See you in Paris.

You did a great work and your explanation are very nice! Congrats

The file does not exist anymore on Dropbox. Could you please check ? I’m interested in reading that :slight_smile: Thx


I upoaded it on my github repository


Thank you.

I updated the link on PCR details page.
Thank you !