[Poll] Spring Challenge 2023 : final standing of best 'slow' bot?

Another contest, another silly poll :slight_smile:

Usually, fast languages have advantage in bot contests, as you can make more calculations / simulations per turn, whatever algorithm you use.
But sometimes a bot written in a slow language can perform surprisingly well, by utilizing a clever idea or better heuristics.

What is your guess: What will be the best place by a bot written in [Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP] in the upcoming Spring Challenge 2023? *

  • #1
  • #2 - #10
  • #11 - #25
  • #26 - 50
  • #51+

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  • PS: What languages out of the 27 supported can be considered slow is quite debatable, but let’s not start a flame war…

The number of possible action combinations per turn is huge. I am wondering if heuristics bots will be able to achieve better than usual this time…

Just for the record: the best Python bot finished #44, other slow languages did not make it into top 100.