[Poll] Summer Challenge 2023 : Which one was your favourite puzzle?

Another contest, another silly poll :slight_smile:

  • #01 (max below threshold) - “I do like the KISS principle…”
  • #02 (simple SQL) - “I speak Databasean fluently”
  • #03 (merge data) - “I love to debug char escaping bug in the test runner stub”
  • #04 (correct path) - “I love 2D map puzzles, especially if BFS is not involved…”
  • #05 (gear balance) - “I love this puzzle because the stucking gears remind me to my own brain.”
  • #06 (SQL theft mistery) - “SQL queries are simple… I will solve this in no time … or not”
  • #07 (combine wishes) - “Google is you friend if the puzzle is just a well-known algo problem”
  • #08 (correct path revisited) - “I love to revisit problems with stricter performance requirements”
  • #09 (reverse engineering) - “I am a natural born reverse engineer. I play even Reversi backwards…”
  • #10 (wishlist optim) - “I like to crack seemingly NP-hard problems with a clever algo, hoping not to hit a counter-example in the validators”"

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Why not make a unfavourite puzzle voting too? There must be much more voters to take part.

#9 is the obvious choice and here is why. I initially looked at it and thought, I will never get this. Then I got it. Then, I knew what to do, but I didn’t know the answer. I worked and worked and worked on an algorithm. Moderate success. Then, something struck me about hardcoded solutions being allowed. It was time to go to bed, but I had achieved slightly better than moderate success.

Well, there’s a kicker.

After the contest ended, I watched the Discord channel and Codingamers started talking about building a simulation off-line to play the game until the simulation resulted in victory and a hardcoded solution.

Why didn’t that occur to me? Will it occur to me next time? How ridiculously smart are these people that came up with that?

And that is what I love about Codingame.


Those who liked puzzle #6 (SQL Theft Mystery), can try out this one as well: https://mystery.knightlab.com/

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