[POLL] Summer Challenge 2024 - how would you use a coaching session with the best?

Another contest, another silly poll… :slight_smile:
An interesting novelty of the upcoming Summer Challenge 2024 is that lucky participants win (by a lottery) an “1:1 coaching/consultation with the best in the community”.
If you win a coaching session with a legend, how would you use it?
“I would…”

  • … ask for a detailed walkthrough for one of their top bot code (with IDE screen sharing with explanation but not sending the code itself).
  • … ask for some language-specific tips and tricks that can be used often.
  • … ask to discuss the tooling used and the generic dev workflow followed during a contest.
  • … ask about their generic learning path, how they reached to be a top coder. Maybe help in setting up a personal learning roadmap for myself.
  • … focus only on the really important topics: what terminal font to use, to dark mode or not to dark mode, bash vs zsh, vim vs. emacs, etc.
  • … use the opportunity in some other way (put in reply comment)

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I wonder if “the best” were asked if they wanted to coat people drawn at random, as a reward ^^

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I assume some people were asked and there is some monetary incentive involved. I assume some accepted because of curiosity or for the easy money, some declined because lack of motivation/interest.

Request a tutorial on some algorithm like MCTS, simulated annealing, dancing links…