[Poll] What programming language would you like CodinGame to support next?

Will the achievements be added (for 1, 3, 7 and 15 solved puzzles)? This does not seem to be the case for the moment.


@TwoSteps thank you so much. I spread this fantastic news on all channels and advertising the coding contest. First issues are already found and communicated.

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Thank you so much for squelching that category of forum noise!

On a more serious matter, having DMD on the platform opens a wealth of new coding possibilities, and I think that’s always nice to have.

I wasn’t convinced at first, but look at how simple it now becomes to solve tough problems in more limited languages!


Hahaha, oh dear!

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Best code ever.

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Typescript has been added to the platform. Please report any issue you encounter here. Thank you!

Great, thanks. Could you please add TypeScript related Coder Achievements, just as it was done for D a couple of days ago?


Any news about .NET Core 3.0 with C# 8.0 and F# 4.7?

I like Nim! When another poll?

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Has there been any progress on implementing containerised environments?

hi, first of all, happy new year!
it seems typescript was added. i can see some issues. i guess that there were already reported as quite obvious. but anyway, just reporting, in case.

  1. all achievements are copper (not like the other languages)
  2. when chosing typescript in a puzzle, template does not appear (instead the code of the previously selected langauge seems to stay),
  3. i was in an already written javascript solution when i switched to typescript, and i could run the javascript solution.
  4. i got 3 resolved solutions just by submitting one puzzle (onboarding). so i got 2 coppers.


hey, thanks for the bugs report:

  1. whoopsy, we’ll fix that soon
  2. I didn’t manage to reproduce but it happened to me yesterday :thinking:
  3. Probably linked to 2)
  4. couldn’t reproduce either. I just passed onboarding and I’m at 1/3 for second achievement.

hi, thx for quick reply.
like my typescript got the javascript code instead of the raw template, i thought that maybe the system considered all my javascript solutions as typescript solutions, but i only have 5 javascript solutions. so not quite sure why i got 3 typescripts. so barely related.

  • i guess that you can check my history. in my notifications, 12 hours ago, i got the 2 coppers (néophyte et habitué).
  • i can reproduce the issue on https://www.codingame.com/ide/puzzle/rubik® (typescript shows javascript code, and not raw template ; whatever language i chose before). i did not touch it. maybe that it will help?

hum, you solved at least the onboarding and Mars Lander with Typescript and I didn’t find the third one. So I guess you solved 2 puzzles with TypeScript before the achievements were added and when you validated the 3rd puzzle with TypeScript, retroactively, the system realized you had solved 3 puzzles already with TypeScript.

I still can’t reproduce the issue on rubik puzzle. Be careful that your TypeScript solution is very close to your JS solution. When selecting TypeScript from any language, the template gets changed to your TypeScript solution, not the JS one.

bonjour Thibaud,
j’étais tellement sûr de n’avoir jamais soumis de code typescript que je n’ai même pas pensé vérifier l’historique des puzzles sur les soumissions de code typscript.
j’avais soumis typescript de mars1 il y a deux mois. onboarding et rubik il y a douze jours.

donc ça fait bien 3 codes typescript soumis. désolé pour le dérangement. juste que j’ai obtenu les 2 succès il y a quatre jours et que je ne me souvenais plus d’avoir écrit du typescript. ce qui m’a fait imaginer à un scénario plus rocambolesque.

ce qui laisse juste les types de succès typescript à résoudre, n’est-ce pas?

yes, we’ll fix this

thank you.

might as well, nim is a good language

hi, would it be please possible to add support for raku? thanks.