[POLL] Who will win the Fall Challenge 2020?

The Fall Challenge is upon us. Who will triumph this time?

  • […insert your name here…]
  • _Royale (#1 in Bot programming leaderboard)
  • Skril (#1 in Contest leaderboard)
  • eulerscheZahl (our most eXPerienced user)
  • Saelyos (winner of the last Spring challenge)
  • [CG]Thibaud
  • AutomatonNN
  • A newcomer, signed up for CG only this November
  • A North Korean hacker group (by cracking the leaderboard and skipping the arena)
  • D. Knuth
  • Trump
  • an other, equally important member of the community, who was left out from this list only by my pure and unforgivable negligence

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Well, I am hesitating between D. Knuth and N. Korea. No offense to _Royale and others but those answers are much more funny :smile:.

I also consulted some experts… :slight_smile:

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Of course AutomatonNN is voting for me.

Why N. Korean instead of Chinese hackers?

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@AntiSquid Exactly what I thought at first, but I was afraid to say it. I thought about Russia too. But the real danger might be Lithuania, they are already swarming CG leaderboards… :roll_eyes:

Dear hackers,
Please leave your country’s name in the logs, so we can decide this important question based on facts and not on prejudice or bias.

PS: or even better, don’t try to hack CG, we like it too much…
PS2: but luckily they don’t read this forum, otherwise their vote count would stand at 9 billion instead of 0…

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I have one slightly off-topic question though. Anybody knows if there is a recoding of @reCurse 's stream from 2 years ago (was during a contest). I read he says he had like 1.5 k viewers.

I am interested to see it, because I may learn a thing or too. I never thought coding could be popular enough to be streamed. But things are not so bad as I thought. For example TSM (League of Legends) hand-picked Hikaru Nakamura recently (chess player) just because he streams a lot, even though TSM themselves are not that interested in chess. And I also watch live streams of chess tournaments.

I really curious to see what a top codingamer’s stream looks like.

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Arigato gozaimasu @eulerscheZahl -san.