[Poll] Winter Challenge 2023 announced ... Your first reaction?

  • Winter Challenge? In mid-March? … Are you kidding?
  • I have been waiting for this for so long! … Wait, where are the bots?
  • Finally a puzzle challenge! I will try it with a new language!
  • 7 puzzles in 2 hours? With the time pressure it will feel like an extended CoC session.
  • Winter or not, puzzle or bot, does not matter: I am glad to have it!

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For me, codingame contests always are the opportunity to use interesting languages.
Where are OCaml, Haskell and Rust?

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I did the tutorial also yesterday and realized that 13 languages are supported vs the 27 in the old CG IDE. Maybe there are not many Haskell job interviews held at all in the world… Missing out Rust is much more awkward, as it has so much momentum and positive press coverage nowadays.

I also missed a little bit being able to see the ide test cases inputs, but maybe it was missing only because the tutorial was a multi-turn puzzle and not a simple I/O version.

On the positive side it was quite peculiar being able to see afterwards how I edited the solution code, including all the typos and refactoring. It even showed when I swapped to a different browser tab to look at the standard library documentation once. This feature surely helps the job interviewers to uncover copy-paste solutions, but not perfect, as for example I usually prefer using my local VS Code IDE instead of this online browser IDE.

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Where is Rust?? I did every contest in Rust to practice, so I guess I won’t participate in this…

Where is the tutorial ? I can’t find it.

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I received an email a few days ago (maybe because I registered) and it contained a link.

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Ok thank you, I didn’t checked my emails.

I like the IDE; miss the bots though.

Man though, I have Indian colleagues who would have loved this kind of event but 8-10pm CET on a weekday is just not feasible for anyone in those timezones.

“Winter or not…” thanks for the contest! I have a few questions about rules.

What does the word “last” mean in the rule about when the “on the last question, once the “Submit” button has been clicked, the total work is considered validated and Participants cannot go back to modify their programs anymore”? Do we need to solve questions in a particular order?

Will we see during the contest the outcome of hidden tests and be able to submit a new solution to improve it?

Which time will be taken into account for ranking when the score is the same? The rules speak of time for a question, in singular, “time spent to solve a problem shall be considered”. How is the ranking decided for the entire contest?

VB.Net is not listed as a useable language in the Winter Challenge Tutorial.
I hope thsi is not a portent that VB users are going to be marginalised?

I’m not a fan. I started the challenge and the first thing I see is that Perl is not included. That meant I had to use a language that while I am familiar with it, I was going to be doing some Googling for particulars.

Secondly, also not a fan of the 2 hour time limit. I only managed to finish two of the puzzle due to variety of reasons, but there was an issue running tests for a few of the questions which ate into my time. In addition I had to take an unanticipated call which wasted more of my time. And now that my time is up, I can’t see any links back to it.

Disappointed overall really.

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