POLLS - Puzzle preferences

I just realized we can have polls in the forum. I start one to better understand user preferences for solo puzzles styles.

  • Solo puzzle descriptions should have a ‘background story’!
  • Description should be minimalistic, focus only on the raw ‘input => output’ rules

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In my view, having a short story in the puzzle:

  • Better resembling any real world problem.
  • Can be fun, if well written
  • Translating the story to the algorithmic problem is also part of the task


  • Longer to read, understand, solve
  • Distraction from the raw coding exercise
  • More likely to lead to disambiguation

It depends on the puzzle.
Some puzzles need some history, some others don’t.


I enjoy it when a puzzle has a bit of a story, I’m not doing clashes, I have an additional minute to read the flavour text.

I am a paper roleplaying game player. So i prefer puzzles with background story.

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The story makes it way more interesting. It may be written at the end of the statement to reduce the distraction.

Or it could easily be written between

Your point of view is obvious from your latest ‘Dungeons and Maps’ puzzle… I liked it very much, make more like this!!!

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Thanks, I will :slight_smile:

You should add an option “I don’t really care”.
I enjoy a nice background story once in a while but I’m totally fine with straightforward problems too.
As long as the problem is interesting.

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