Practical tips for contestants

Hey, I just started my first contest - Coders of the Carribean, but my question refers to all contests I think.

How you work on code? Are we allowed somehow to have more than one file in our “CodinGame IDE”? For now I have opened sublime on one screen and on other contest page.

Also, is printing messages to output console is only way to do debug? How do you do it?

Are we allowed somehow to track response time? Do we have max memory which we can use in our programs?

To sum it up, I just ask you to share your ‘golden pro tips’ how to work easily during contest :slight_smile:


Hey Czapla,

According to the FAQ section, the memory limit is 768 Mbytes:

I’m not sure about other questions.

Good luck in the contest!

I typically start in the CG IDE to get the basics down. Then I will move my code into an IDE on my home machine and copy and paste stuff back and forth. Using my home machine allows me to write unit tests and simulation code outside of the submission file.

Printing messages is the only way to debug in the CG IDE. If you’re working at home, you can use your normal IDE debugger.

You are definitely allowed to track time! This is required for using advanced techniques like genetic algorithms and monte carlo solutions. Where you want to run your solution for some percentage of the allotted time for the term and use your best result found.