Practice puzzles for advanced data structures?

I am reading about some advanced data structures, like Red-Black trees, Fibonacci heaps and van Emde Boas trees and wondering if there is any solo puzzle which calls for their use - e.g. where test cases are constructed that way that simpler data structures would timeout?
I used simple binary search tree and priority queue for some puzzles, but none of the above algorithms yet.

You will rarely find this type of problem on CodinGame. Partially because the input size is very limited for community puzzles.
If you are willing to try other websites, there are lots of problems on codeforces, tagged by category.
E-Maxx (english, russian) explains the most common algos and links to problems on various websites.

Edit: corrected English link to E-Maxx.


What’s the english link to the e-maxx website? You linked the russian version twice.

nvm, found it