Praise for Rank Balancing Fixes to Devs

So, as much as I enjoy complaining about stuff. Part of being able to complain about stuff and general bitch and moan about EVERYTHING is I need to give credit where credit is due. You know, where things got right, so people don’t see me as the total hater that I most likely am.

I tend to look at the little charts and numbers on my profile–because I like to think they give me meaning, and I’ve noticed a couple major drops. These major drops appear to coincide with releases of new Multiplayer Arenas. Which, I’ve been half-assing this crap by just doing Clash of Codes.

The Clash of Codes that I’ve been known to complain about how broken they are, and are pretty much an instant get to the top ranking for how they end up working.

I’ve seen plenty of updates to how the devs handle Multiplayer Games, and their presentation and release… and it has been working out.

While I did rocket my way up with one day of Clash of Codes which out of five, I only didn’t get first place in one of them… it hasn’t been getting the same ridiculously broken response it usually does.

With just a couple more multiplayer arena releases it should end up having Clash of Code become what it was meant to be–a way for people who are already doing well in other areas of the website to get an edge on other people doing well. As oppose to the way to do well.

So good jobs devs in removing something I generally don’t even have to make an effort to moan and groan about… and doing some really nice stuff. Not to say I cannot find anything to whine about… but at least it will require some effort for me to do so… which I generally prefer to be required of if I am going to belly-ache about stuff.

Figured it would be the responsible thing to give a little heads up on how the developers actually did something correct for once (I mean… when does that ever happen? XD ) XD XD Good job guys.

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