Private Clash of Code Custom

So many times with friends we want to chill in clash of code private games, but we have to restart a game because the challenge is boring/too hard or not desired type…

It would be great to be able select when you start a private clash of code game :

Type of challenge : FastMode/Reverse/Lenght
Difficulty : Idk if challenge got a difficulty level, if yes can choose difficulty.
Imposed language

This features its probably easy to add!
Thanks for viewing !!


I’d love to see this feature implemented. When we play clash of code with friends, challenges are often terribly easy, which is a bit boring

Hey it is impossible to win a clash of code against a python coder when using java.

Python is not verbose so a program in python is very short compared to java.

So in fast mode or in minimum code mode. Java coders are in disavmdvanrage

Then learn the basics of Python if you like Clash of code !
I used to code in C, and when I started to play CoC, I switched to Python, it’s always a good thing to see different languages, plus Python or Ruby are very useful to script things very quickly.
However, there’s also challenges that can be done with a very short code in others languages!

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