Problem in Codebuster c++?

I’ve recently looked at my AI in codebuster, which went from bronze league to gold. And it suddenly stopped working without me modifying it.
“Timeout: the program did not provide 2 input lines in due time… WagnerGascho will no longer be active in this game.”
In fact this seems to be happening to all my previous submissions.
Even putting a “cerr<<“program started”<<endl;” in the very first line, the output never gets printed.

Is anyone else having such problem?

I experienced the same issue in CodeBuster.

It show the error for about 0.5sec when starting the game for the first time and then "Timeout: the program did not provide 3 input lines in due time… etc " (had to reload the page and Screenshot at the right time to get the line of error…)

Fixed it by adding #include <math.h> because sqrt and round functions were not compiling anymore.


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Thank you, it did fix the issue.