Problem with form for contributing a new puzzle


I wanted to contribute a new puzzle but than I clicked by accident out of the puzzle contribution form and it got closed. I click again on the “CREATE A NEW PUZZLE” button but all inputs I made were cleared… That is very frustrating. :confused:

Maybe some possible solutions:

  • Buffering the inputs
  • Get rid of the pop-up form and implement it as a “real” page
  • Show a prompt asking wether the form should get closed or not

This feels weird because my memory was that the puzzle creation form was an actual page, whereas the puzzle editing form was a pop-up.

But I can certainly get behind the request to get rid of the popups for such fundamental functionality: in addition to the UX trouble MrMoguro already mentioned, it’s really such a loss of screen real estate that would be up to much better use if it were allocated to the actual task at hand.

Puzzle editing done right is both time-consuming and focus-heavy. The current UI favors none, and makes the task much more exhausting than it needs be.

By “puzzle contribution form” I mean “puzzle editing form”. Sorry, my bad.

Both are pop-ups.

So either my memory’s wrong, or it changed.