Problems with Python 3 interpreter?

I have a problem with running code in the Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe challenge. It seems to me that the values i put in a list does not get returned from the class method in which the list gets greated; instead I get an empty list back. I have asked about this on Stack Overflow, but didn’t get any solution to the problem. It would be fantastic if anyone could confirm/deny this problem. Please see Stack Overflow for (very much shortened) code:

Thank you!

Maybe noone has a direct answer to this, but please let me know if anyone with administrative role has seen this. I’d love to get feedback on if you plan to investigate or not.

There isn’t anything special about the python version used on here, you can check the faq and try your code offline with the same version.

I don’t believe it is possible to help you with the information provided because you’ve shortened the code to the point where the problem has almost certainly been removed (the code you’ve posted works perfectly with tiny changes to make it actually runnable).

I’ve run similar code in the past for Python 3 in codingame (using a game state to return a list of available moves) and I’ve never experienced the issue you’re describing. As Robo mentioned, the bug is likely elsewhere in your program.

Thank you for the replies! You are correct in that my code probably doesn’t help much, if the problem is not related to scope in some way that I don’t understand. Maybe my error is somewhere else in the code. I’ll keep looking, and trying new things.