Proposition for a new competition mode

I suggested [CG]Thibaud a new competition mode.

You are given a classic puzzle chosen here (for example Temperatures).
You must solve it with a script or a source code that must not use the letter E (neither uppercase nor lowercase).
Do what you want, except hardcoding and using this letter (éê should be also forbidden).

Count then the length of your code, add 100 times the number of E’s in your code. That’s your points.
Sort the codes from the lower amount of points (the best) to the higher (the worst).
Of course, each language has its own ranking.

I don’t know how this is doable technically (in CG) or depending on the language.
Of course, the selected puzzle must be solvable be each language (the ones with an infinite loop won’t fit, excepted Thor).

[CG]Thibaud suggested me to talk about it in the forum.


I don’t know if i’ts enough to be a new mode on it’s own but why not add it to clash of code modes ? Would be funny !

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Unsure it is good or bad. I guess an e-less code could mean encouraging people to use a language with smaller footprint. One of which could be C.
It asks people to:

  • write spaghetti program in main without function, avoid having to “return”.
  • write if with multiple conditions. Avoid using else (double e punishment)
  • use for instead of while
  • use float instead of double
  • remove unnecessary include
  • printf("%c", (char)101) if e is a necessary output
  • do not use break/continue to control looping. Use goto!
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Sorry, but this is a horrible idea.

seems like an interesting competition.

What a novel idea! It kind of reminds me of something.

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This looks like fun but not really good to learn the coding best practices. Code golf is already somehow similar but at least it teaches you ways to minimize the the code size which might be useful sometimes

I did not see your solution before, JBM, but I heard about it. :+1: Can you post more than one solution in a language?
Programming without semicolon in Python is a joke.
Without e, on the other hand…