Puzzle Contribution - Problem In Understanding Validators

Hey guys,

I want to contribute a puzzle for Clash of Code but I have a problem in understanding the validators. I need a useful example on how to use these properly and what are the differences in comparison to the test in- and output fields.

Thanks to LSmith-Zenoscave who tried to help me with that but I’m sorry, I disappointed you. D:

The validators should be similar to the tests, but different.
The clasher can only see the tests, no validators (these are used on submit only).

Let’s assume you have a string as input.
There might be a testcase with all lower case, all upper case, digits, special characters. Maybe a long string to see if the code times out.
The validators should be different (to ensure that noone writes code like if (input == "abc") print("xyz"). But they should be related to the tests (if the test is all lowercase, so should be the validator).

I think I got it know. Thank you. :slight_smile: