Puzzle solutions feedback

Hi all,

we’re thinking about a way to show you the solutions of others to help you improve your skills and imagine new kinds of solutions for puzzles.

The goal is to only show you solutions that have a score lower or equal than the best solution you have submitted and in a language you have submitted.

These solutions can be upvoted, commented, sorted, etc.

First, do you have ideas you would like us to incorporate in such a feature and more important : would you accept to have your submitted solutions automatically published or would you prefer to choose when and what solution must be published (in that case, you accept that fewer solutions will be available for less popular languages) ?


I would prefer to choose when and what solution must be published (e.g: I won’t share any Multiplayer solution)

Automatically submit anonymous Solo puzzle solutions with less X%(50) to have a minimum solution pool for beginner :smiley:


Same, I’d rather choose what solution I share, and make ‘Don’t share anything’ the default

Wouldn’t that immediately defeat the actual point of researching and discussing solutions?

I would definitely prefer choosing which solution to share as well.
A few additional ideas :

  • The possibility to upvote posted solutions so that the “best” or “more interesting ones” are appearing first, facilitating searches.
  • Having a comment section under posted solutions so we can discuss each implementation separately.
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Shouldn’t it be “score lower or equal than the best solution you have submitted for each language”, rather? If I have 100% in python3 and I submitted the initial code in closure for a honorable 0%, I shouldn’t deserve to see 100% solutions in closure…

Also, I agree with others, I don’t want my solutions published by default, I am quite ashamed of some of them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, you’re right and this is what I want to explain, but my words were not clear enough :wink:

To be clear : if you submit a C solution with 25% score, you can see C solutions with 25% score or lower even if you have submitted a java solution with 100% score (and in that case, you can see java solutions with 100% score or lower)

I would prefer to have he choice to share my codes too, on an opt-in basis.

Some more thoughts:

  • We should be able to choose the published code on a language basis. For example, I could want to share my C++ code, but not my Java code which is a lame copy of the former, only here to gather some language achievement.

  • We should be able to reload the “to be published” code in the editor, for review, corrections and maybe improvements.

  • I’m not sure that it is a good idea to share the codes for multiplayer or optimizations games. Even if a solution has a lower rank, it is possible to steal ideas and techniques to improve our own solution.

  • I also approve what has been posted so far on this topic about upvote, comments, etc.

This is also true for other problems.

And people are already giving out ideas about multiplayer and optimization puzzles on this forum, on their blogs… The codingame blog even features posts where the winners of contests explain how they proceeded!

In my opinion, finding new ideas is precisely the point of this feature should it appear. It is not the same thing as stealing code, which is what they are trying to prevent with the limitations.

I suggest you also consider another perspective. The beginner who wants to show his code to someone on the forum or in the chat, because he is stuck and needs help.

I have done most of the games in Clojure, but I can still help a beginner in another language. Your system wouldn’t let me view his code.

In ranked puzzles, either disable this feature completely, or allow to access only solutions of people which are below your rank in said puzzle.

If we finally decide to allow CodinGamer to choose what you want to share, I don’t think this is a problem to view solutions for multiplayer or optimization game. It allows player to have other ideas (respecting the score constraint) and continually improve their code without stealing an idea you don’t want to share.

@chrm this is the next step, we are also thinking about that but not for the really first stage. Our thoughts is about a better discuss page on each puzzle where you can discuss the puzzle and share solutions to have feedbacks.

So it looks like this was implemented this morning, but not at all in the way that it was described here… ??? It looks like if I got a 100% score in a given puzzle, I can see all other published solutions in that puzzle, regardless of language. For example, I can see a solution to Roller Coaster in C++ by loick even though I have only solved the puzzel in JavaScript and Clojure. This begs the quesitons:

  1. If someone solves this puzzle in, say C++, can they see my Clojure solution and thus gain the bonus achievement for solving the puzzle in Clojure using my solution?

  2. Can I now go through and pirate other people’s solutions to 15 puzzles in maybe… Go, and then get the Go Addict achievement?

  • danBhentschel

Could you add this feature in “Code Golf” section ?
I think there will be the most used and it will help a lot.

Use this topic to discuss about it : https://www.codingame.com/forum/t/new-best-solutions-feature-needs-to-be-changed-asap/1254/13