Quest Map - New home page feedbacks/bugs

I have the same issue with the “Quest Map” part in the home page. I participated several “Clash Of Code”, but there’s no update in the “Quest Map”, so I cannot go to the next step.

I have at the same problem - a first timer, cannot get past first challenge on the map even though I pass all tests and submit with 100%.

It seems that my quest map also stopped working. After I finished the introduction path, those 3 options appeared. But no matter what I am doing, I am stuck here. For example, I finished already 14 Clash of Code games, but it is still showing 0/2. The same with AI (0/1) and Algorithms (0/3).

Same issue for me, experience in general doesn’t add up too even after 24h

Me too. I’m stuck on the third step, Easy as Pie. I’ve already completed two easy puzzles. The puzzles show as 100%, but I haven’t gotten the XP or the Achievements yet.

Same, stuck in introduction for the quest map and no achievement or XP despite having 100% completed onboarding.

Yes I submitted it but I can’t go to the next mission

Have same problems. No score or progress updates after finishing few puzzles.

I completed 3 puzzles with the loops tag but the quest map isn’t allowing me to get the +25XP reward for the algorithms track.

thank you all for reporting issues with the quest map and sorry it happened. We’ve fixed the problem with the DB. Now all quests and achievements will slowly get processed. Thank you for your patience


Maybe it’s a know issue (or maybe not even an issue??), i can’t loot XP on the map: I have reached bronze league in two games. When i click to loot xp, I get a code 500 callint lootQuest ( Request payload is [4534731,6]
Do I miss something or is it a bug?

I can reproduce the issue, thank you for reporting it. We’ll fix it asap

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Hi Thibaud,

Is there any update on when this bug will be fixed?


I’ll chase the dev team. Hopefully by the end of next week

Ok thanks. (Looking forward to the next step in the AI path)

It is working now for me thanks!

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Indeed, it has been fixed. Another fix on the next quest in the same path actually fixed this as well yesterday afternoon, that’s why I missed it.

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Hi, I’m sorry if there is a better place to post this (I know it’s old, but it seemed better than making a new topic).

I have registered for Summer Challenge 2023, but have not received progress for The Codingame Contests quest, despite the quest text saying one need only register to meet its criteria. Is this intended behaviour with the idea that it will update once the contest is active?

According to [CG] J3ffx on Discord,

Not a bug, Summer and Winter challenges are puzzle challenges (giving you the algorithm achievement) meanwhile Fall and Spring challenges are AI bot challenges (thus giving you the AI achievement). Sorry if that was not clear enough

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Riiiight! Thank you for clearing that up for me. All makes sense now.