Quest Map - New home page feedbacks/bugs


we’ve released a first version of the quest map (new home page) for all users until now. (all new users will have it or not according to a A/B test).

Please report here any issue you encounter and feel free to tell us what you think.

Loot time!

Not a bug:

  • Puzzle of the week’s quest is not retroactive


  • [Solved] Clash top 1000 quest doesn’t update right away
  • [Solved] Comment a contribution quest doesn’t work
  • [Solved] Clash of Code tile doesn’t appear in last activities
  • [Solved] Optimization first quest doesn’t always work if you’re above > 40k points
  • [Solved] The quest accept/Refuse a contrib doesn’t always work

The puzzle of the week quest is not retroactive. I’m 100% sure i already resolved a puzzle of the week (during its week, of course) before and the quest is not finished.


yes, it’s the only one not retroactive.

Pretty sad, since the puzzle of the week of this week is not pretty simple compared to many puzzle of the week before :smiley:

Nice new feature, congrats! Really good orientation for newcomers and additional motivation to explore new territories for everyone.
Getting 2300+ XPs for just a few dozen mouse clicks - I feel Santa was coming to town…

Must we colonize Mars to progress or just waiting a week for the next - possibly easier - PotW is also a solution?

Nice feature. One issue though. It’s not clear that I [user] have to click those markers on the map to get them completed


Great Feature, I really enjoy doing Quests and I am happy to grind for the Quests.
As @d-s-x said it feels a bit unnatural to click the markers, why not auto-unlock them (with the same fancy animation) when you finished a quest (and unlocking the next if it’s already done, too)?

On the Clash of Code branch of the new Quest system, the order is win 3 reverse clashes , win 3 shortest clashes , and solve 3 clashes in a row I am not an expert and don’t have metadata, but I would reverse it, I was able to unlock everything after winning 3 reverse clashes. Maybe I am just biased because I use python3 most of the time in clashes? I asked the same on discord without getting any response. I think solving 3 clashes in a row is very easy (not winning, but solving!)

What does that mean, actually?
You validate it by solving a previously unsolved puzzle of the week or by solving a puzzle of the week (or already having it solved)?

Indeed. Would be better if you had the square blinking or flashy light surrounding it once it’s completed as a visual marker.

I find it odd, you need to access clash of code to do some of these, but the clash of code is gone from the main page. I don’t like clash, don’t like seeing it on the main page, but for convenience reasons wouldn’t it be better to have easy access from the webpage to the stuff you need to complete the paths?

When you click a quest like “win 3 clashes in a row”, you’ll get redirected to the CoC lobby. The bot programming tutorial redirects you to CSB, the bronze in any game quest opens the multiplayer section. Seems reasonable to me.

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you can validate PotW quest only by solving it the week it’s PotW. From now on.

I already solved a lot of puzzles of the week.

Great innovation, now the players will be able to collect experience not only from achievements and progressing in multiplayer leagues but from all kinds of stuff.

“Comment on a contribution” also does not update right away.

I’m missing the “bad ass” 2D art of CoC and CvZ on the main page. Actually I intentionally didn’t solve Code vs Zombies, so it is always in my suggested puzzles on the main page, when I log in :slight_smile:
I think the main page is a little bit too bright/white, have you thought about some kind of a background image, maybe a smiling CG player holding medals for each league(from Wood to Legend) with outfit like in The Matrix(Morpheus’ shining glasses; long black leather raincoat; …)


regarding the balance of quests, we’ll be closely monitoring the metrics in the next few weeks to check if a quest is too hard or too simple.

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I love it, I prefer it at the top of the page, because the contest panel usually takes up a lot of space (if you don’t dismiss it)

Edit: we need a hacker path too :male_detective:

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It was great idea.

In French, a popup says (Solve 2 CoC at 100%): « Ils sont désignés pour… » You should write « Ils sont conçus pour… »

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Agree with @d-s-x and @Essigautomat that markers should be autounlocked for us. When I first looked at them, markers seemed to be unlocked already. I also never visit the Home page and would never have noticed this feature without being informed of this via the email I received regarding it.


It seems like the “accept or reject a contribution” quest in the clash of code contribution quest line doesn’t go through