Quest Map - New home page feedbacks/bugs

All reported bugs have been solved.

@heather.kloth we will probably make the home page/quest map more visible in the header, as you’re not the only one.

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“accept or reject a contribution” still fails. Or maybe there’s a delay for this one ?

you’re right. It seems it’s not retroactive anymore. Internal misunderstanding, sorry, we’ll look into it soon.


Thank you, it works now

Nice feature, nice visualization!
Feature req: Add a compact visualization that I can use in my profile.
BUG: When is it supposed to update? “Solve clashes with 3 different languages” does not
Retroactive: had 2, did a 3rd yesterday and 2 others today -> no update

+1 @_CG_Thibaud. Are you still with us :wink: ?

Sorry, I asked my colleague and forgot to keep you updated. It seems you didn’t solve clashes in 3 languages. The 3rd you did (In JS), you had only 60%, not 100%

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Thx for clarification. Discussion on that level proves that the quest map is a motivation :slight_smile:

I just solved the current PotW and still i have no progress in the quest map

When I solved it last week it unlocked it.

current PotW is
and you didn’t solve it.
The notification actually comes during the day, but it starts on Monday 00:00 GMT. Sorry about the misunderstanding

When i solved the PotW it showed me as puzzle of the week (20h ago from now)
And according to my notification the brainfuck puzzle got PoTW 19h ago so just 2h before you wrote your response :wink:

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I think that the Level/XP help pop-up should be updated with information for the Quest Map:

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OK I see. So, if I understand well:

  1. the quest system considers PotW starting from Monday 0:00 GMT
  2. The notification of new PotW comes later and the icon stays on the puzzle details page until the notif is triggered (or you didn’t refresh the page?)

The main issue is this notif coming too late. I’ll see that it’s fixed.

A/B test was removed today in favor of the new home page

I just clicked on the last PotW notification and didn’t check elsewhere if it was the current PotW

just solved the brainfuck and questmap worked fine.

The quest “Moderate a contribution” with the task “Approve or reject a contribution” does not get rewarded.

How I can pass the puzzle of the week quest if nowdays puzzle is bot programming game? I made a participation and also moved to wood 2 league but nothing happaned. Is there some condition to pass the quest or it’s a bug?

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it should work, so that’s a bug. I’ll check with my colleague

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@Nazdhun @StopKran

both bugs have been fixed (moderate a contrib quest and bot programming as puzzle of the week)

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