Quest map - Optimization path

I’m looking to advance in the quest map and I’ve a question about “the reach 2% of the optimization leader board”. And I’ve havn’t be able to find any answer.

Since the path is composed of pure optimization problem and code golf puzzle, does the 2% of optimization is for optimization puzzle, code gold puzzle or both?

In other word has i’m better acctualy in the code golf ranking should I continue on it to get the succes or should I go back to optimization problem?

Thanks in advance !

There are separate goals on this path:
• One is to reach the top 2% of the Optimization leaderboard.
• After reaching that goal, the next goal is to reach the top 2% of the Code Golf leaderboard.

In other words, the two goals can be achieved separately, but you’ll need both eventually to complete that path.

Thanks for your quicker answer !

Is their anyway to find the goal of each path before hand? As I was not able to find it and would avoid this post?

I don’t know any ways to know the goals in advance without asking. I know the goals because I have completed the quest map.

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