Question Time : Plugin for External IDE

Chrome Application

Hi guys,

I’m currently working on a chrome app to sync a file with the Codingame IDE.This way, I can work with my favorite IDE through file sharing.

For the benefit of everyone, I would like to have some feedback / expectations.

Here is what is already in the application:

  • You should know that it will install 2 things : A Chrome Application that allows access to the file system of the user and a Chrome Plugin that interacts with the DOM (including the Codingame IDE)
  • After that, the application can be started from the Setting panel (and can be launched automatically each time you start a new puzzle)
  • Then, you will be prompted to select a file to sync.(The application automatically reloads the last file used)
  • It will be possible to download the Codingame code before synchronizing (For example, when you start a new puzzle)
  • The CG editor will switch to read only, to avoid higgledy-piggledy changes.
  • The application will be in a window in order to be notified (success/error/warning), but I can still go into a background mode (no user control over the application).
  • Thanks to @Neumann idea, for multi puzzles, you will be able to save your code every time you push into the arena.(Challenge_submitAt_XXXX.txt)


  • @Nonofr Idea : Windows Mode VS Background Mode (Windowless) ? :
  • @Tryum Idea : Two way data binding (Synchronization in both way [IDE <-> File], consumes more resources) ?
  • Mutli-file Sharing (Grunt-like) (Not available for There is no spoon !) ? :
  • Let possible to use the CG editor (and take the risk of losing data) -> Disable Read-Only ? :
  • New features ? :

Thank you for your feedback.


How will this work if I work from two different computers? I have a work computer and a computer at home.

I think something more powerful would be to pull and push changes from a git repository.

Atm, the plugin only save data in the local chrome storage (file used, option settings). It’s an very simple app allowing me to use my own IDE and my favorite shortcuts (and avoid me to CTRL + A, CTRL + C => CTRL-V everytime i want to test something) :smiley:

There already is a backup code on the site, so the sync could be done from there. If @Tryum idea is implemented, the IDE would always be up-to-date, and hence work from different computers (not at the same time) would be possible, am I wrong?

@SaiksyApo: Bellow ON/OFF button, I would add the text “Options ▼”, that would allowed the user to parametrise the add-on. @Tryum idea would then be an option.
By the way, about his idea and the “CodinGame in read-only”, I mainly code in an external IDE, but still use CodinGame IDE for quick debug. My utilisation would need both his idea both sync and disabling read-only.
You say @tryum idea consumes more ressources, I may miss something but I feel that the following is enough and doesn’t consume much ressources:

  1. Check updates of the file when tab get the focus
  2. Update the file when the tab lose the focus and when modifications has been done in CodinGame IDE

Also, just a thought I have: During the The Great Escape, I’d have loved a toolbar containing both this plugin and the information that were in @grmel89 android app. Though related, it’s a different project, but it might give ideas.

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Hi guys, i’m back,

@yohannjardin : The options panel is present in the application itself.

Further to your feedbacks, I enabled the readWrite, the background mode and the 2-way data binding in the options too.

The code is being reviewed by the Codingame staff, and will soon be available for a beta test.

Stay Tuned’