Question: Why did I lose points?

I have a question: Are points subtracted on a daily basis? I didn’t do any activities for a couple of days, and each day I lost some points, first I had 1010, then 978 and now 943, why is this?

I tried to search the forum for this, but found nothing.

Thank for clearing my doubts!


Details to the point system can be found here:

Clash Of Codes points decrease over time if you do not play. This might be a source a global points decrease. Optimisation point vary over time as they are dependant of your ranking, but this rarely lead to a strong decrease over a short period of time. My guess would be a Clash Of Code point behavior :wink:

Well, then I should Clash some more! Thanks for your quick response!

Yes to complete @Naity answer, the only points that can’t be lost are those from Achievements and those from contests (you can lose points from contest, but only because you only keep your 3 best scores). Multiplayer, Optimisation, Code Golf and Clash of Code points aren’t fixed.

But you’re right, Clash of code points tend to decrease faster because it is widely popular and because there is a new system that delete plays older than 2-3months?