Questions a bout Coding Game pratices

Dear all,

This patform is very amazing to be able to practice coding with special test cases effect.

I have two questions so I can benefit from this platform as much as possible:

1- Every practice subject has its own methods for example (queues). When I enter the contest and choose c++, the library (queue) is not imported. should I commit to libraries that are imported? However, queue is not imported should I do it by myself?

2- he last test case is usually test on big number of data. Alot of time all test cases success and the last one fails. Could be due to running time? Otherwise it is hard to check with big data if you see that your code is working with all previous test cases.

Your Feedback would help me alot.

Thank you very much.

Best regards

Hi Mahmood,

1 #include<queue> works
2 it is often the case, but you have to find a better algorithm, for example, in O(log(n)) instead of O(n²)

Thank you very much for the feedback