Questions from a college student

Hello, I am here for a project in my Intro to Media Arts class at Wichita State University. I need to reach out to someone in my field. I want to go into game design and game coding so this seems like an ok place to try to reach out.
Why do you have an interest in coding?
I personally find coding very interesting and love gaming, so game design and game coding just made sense to me.
Do you have or have you had a job in coding? If so, what was the job and why did you choose that area of coding?
How did you learn to code? Did you learn through CodinGame or other similar websites, were you self taught, or did you take some coding classes?
If you code for a living, what is your work environment like, especially during COVID-19 and even before it.
To anyone who responds, I would like to thank you for your time.

You can find answers related to covid-19 here : Key Facts From CodinGame’s Covid-19 Survey

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