Quick CodinPoints

Greetings everyone,

I just started on CodinGames and realized there was a way to obtain the Babylon Tower achievement without coding a

single line. All you have to do is repeat the tutorial in every languages. This way you will get an easy +10 points for

every language and +130 points for Babylon Tower.


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Don’t worry that’s not the only way to get easy codinpoints. You can also simply do some clash of code and you’ll get 1500+ points easily.

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And you have learnt how to write if and assignments in a bunch of languages. Win-win. :smiley:


back in the old days, i had to code the original onboarding (which is close to the descent now) in all language to “cheat” those achievement. But hey, as @Magus said, that’s pointless, 130 points are nothing and you waste way too much time doing this (as I did).

Achievements here are also a way to show your skills and dedication, not only a shiny medal. :wink:

But I like shiny medals, it’s soo… shiny!
Anyway, I just completed the easy puzzles. Im not sure if I should do mediums or jump straight to Nintendo. I have’nt analysed it yet, but I do hope there is some linear algebra in the solution. Yet , I wonder how complex it can be if only 130 people completed it.

It’s clearly complicated, but try if you want, I have tried like 1 year ago not seriously but seriously enough to makes my head hurts, so yeah, it’s difficult. I think the only reason people have finished this more than vox codei redux is because it’s more like a challenge.

The babylon Tower achievement should not be triggered by the tutorial.
Or you could create a “real Babylon tower” achievement for every level (easy, average,hard, very hard puzzles"


Also, in hints for Onboarding there are full solutions for each language. So getting BT achievement can be achieved by simple copy-paste actually.

By points you mean CP right?