Ranking like ATP and Race

Hi all,

I’m on CG since 2014, didn’t really play in 2015 and 2017. Many things changed about the ranking.

  • Remove the practice points
  • How much point you get from a contest
  • A lot of categories
  • 3 bests of all time for each category taking in consideration

I have a problem with the latest, by taking the 3 bests it’s impossible for new players to rank up, because some old contest gave a lot of points and you can have this in the new contest.

Why not implement something like the tennis is doing:

  • ATP: All the points you get in the last 12 month
  • Race: All the point you get for the current year


  • News players will have a fair chance to fight.
  • A really good player stop playing he will slowly go down the ladder.
  • The point attribution for each contest will be less important as it will eventually go out the window

What do you think?

PS: Can w also have the number of point that a contest give us, close the ranking ?

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There is already a suggestion to change the ranking and how it is calculated: https://www.codingame.com/forum/t/how-is-the-coding-rank-calculated/790/90
The most important point about that suggestion is, that every contest gives you the same score (when setting f(N)=1, as discussed later on). The same would apply for multiplayers.

A really good player stop playing he will slowly go down the ladder.

is that a benefit?

Iit’s just that I don’t find fair that someone who is not playing for one or two years is still in the ranking. They are still in the ranking because:

  • they never loose their points
  • the attribution points were different a few years ago

That’s why an ATP like ranking is good. It’s a ranking only on a 12 month window.
If the attribution point change, you that the problem will be fix by itself soon.
This prevent CG to maintain a complex balance between all the contests (even the very old one)
It’s also very rewarding to see that you change your ranking after every contest.


  • New comers have more multiplayers to get points compared to someone who stopped coding a while ago.
  • The whole ranking has been updated according the new formulas, no one kept old points from a previous scoring.
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This point is not a problem because amount of players on the contests is greater and greater each contest (with a few exceptions). New contests will rewards more point than old contests.

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