Ranking rework

The final rework of the ranking is effective today with the release of the last part of the features, in particular the update of the CodinPoints (CPs) formula.

Thank you to all who participated in the very long discussions and thank you for your patience.

The rework includes:

  • an update of the ranking panel (which opens when clicking on the “my ranking” tile). Now contains the details of CPs gained per game.

  • an update of the formula to compute CPs: (BASE * min(N/500, 1))^((N-C+1)/N) (BASE depends on the game category) and a new decay of CPs in the contests category (10k, 9k, …, 2k, 1k, 1k, …)
    See full details

  • a decrease of the CoC points decay (which was too strong) and a refresh of scores with last results.


I like the new ranking. Multiplayer puzzles and no longer based on number of player (minimum of 500, that’s good), contests points are better like this.

I still don’t understand why CoC rewards so much points but well …

You are well ranked among the 150k players, that’s why. There’s also a confusion on the CoC score: it’s a trueskill score where we only decay the deviation, not the mean. As a consequence, when you do a single clash, you quickly go back to your previous score.

Compared to the points you can have in multiplayer games, CoC points are not so much I believe.

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Oh the decay is not applied on the mean ? That explain a lot. Thanks you.

We’ve decided to tune down the decay of CPs for contests to -500 CPs per contest with a minimum CPs of 2000. So a very old contest is worth 1/5 of a new one.