Read before posting

Hi there welcome to the forum of Codingame.

Here are some basic rules that you must follow before posting:

  • SEARCH if your topic doesn’t exists already before creating a new one, most puzzle already have a dedicated topic where you’ll probably found the answer of your question
  • LEARN the basic programming skills, minimum is variables, conditional statement and loops
  • DESCRIBE what is your problem, what you did, what does the compiler/game said to you, what happened etc
  • KEEP your code to yourself, else you’re preventing other people from learning, and we’re not here to solve it for you, full code will always be erased, small portion of code (2-5 lines) which really are necessary to understand your problem is allowed

4 rules, that’s not much, but if everybody follow this, it’ll be much easier for everyone to have useful conversation here.

For additional question that isn’t answered here, please check the Frequently Asked Questions



I’m 68 and retired. Bought my first pc in 1984: IBM 64k CPU, 196k ram, 2 floppy disk drives. Worked 20+ years to get technology into secndry schools. Early languages: BASIC, PASCAL, FORTRAN, COBOL, IBM 360 assembler, LOGO, MS DOS, and several others. Always loved writing code for its outcomes, also how it looked on screen/page, even in huge box of cards waiting to be read as a batch job.

Now I “work” as a craftsman/artist creating furniture and other objects in wood and castable epoxies.

Stumbled on this site and, well, I’ll send what happens


Hi, thank you for the introduction)

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The rules match well with those at StackOverflow. For some reason, these guidelines also feel to have been read elsewhere. Maybe the best forum practices work well across platforms nowadays. :grinning: