Ready Player One book

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they’re doing a movie on the book “ready player one”?

OMG, the book was so nice! Can’t wait.
@player_one did you choose your username after the book?

Yes, actually. My username used to be danBhentschel, the name I use for pretty much every website. But after reading Ready Player One, I decided to change it.

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And you signature is still after your old username.
Just saying

I always sign with danBhentschel. Keeps me accountable for what I say, and it’s VERY googleable. Search danBhentschel, and it’s all me.

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I didn’t know this, and I’m quite excited about it. I wonder if it will incorporate Wil Wheaton in any way? He narrated the audiobook, quite well I’ll add. Doesn’t look like he’s involved, though.

Anyone read Armada? I haven’t yet, and I’ve heard it’s not as good. It’s still on my radar, though.

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