RealTimeBattle Reloaded

When a friend showed me codingame, i was reminded of an old programming game we played in our company around 2000: RealTimeBattle -

The codebase is very old, and is (at least on my debian jessie box) not compilable anymore. I was glad to find out that a coder named “mdtrooper” started a fork on github.

Unfortunately im not able to help with it, as i am limited to Perl/Bash language (I just started to learn golang…), but maybe one of you guys would like to submit something :wink:

The Repo URL:

Additionally, i would like to show off a 1st draft of my realtimebattle online arena:
There, you can submit realtimebattle robots, and let them fight against other bots

Its currently work in progress. You can already register and submit a bot, but the actual fighting is not done yet. I plan to have it working by the end of this weekend. (Actually, the isolated vm i use for rtb is already running, i only need to transfer results back to the db, and create a result table)

Thats all for now, have a nice weekend & happy hacking :slight_smile:

In case you didn’t know already, you might want to check the similar project; Halite.

It have various languages support.

Unfortunately for me, Haskell starter pack still not ready for a very long time. :cry:

I didnt know it, looks cool :slight_smile:
reminds me of platinum rift, i might check it out…