Recover OoC code

I wrote a bunch of code for the Ocean of Code contest which I’d love to recover, but it seems to be gone now. Can I retrieve it anywhere so I can keep working on it? It used to be that there was a “Report” button on the leaderboards but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore…

you should be able to find it in the freshly-released multiplayer game:

Thanks, I tried that, but it just gives me the default code.

Did you click “History” on the left?
The report with your final code can be found here.

The history button is greyed out. I think I see the problem: there is a “View report” button for previous contests I participated in on the page you sent me, eulerscheZahl, but not for OoC. I’m guessing this is because I never got to submit a working code for OoC and therefore did not have an entry on the leaderboards, it was still a work in progress (but I wrote a mass of utility functions that I’d love to not have to write from scratch again). Is there any way to retrieve a code in that case?

I’ll send it to you by PM

Got it, brilliant, thanks so much!

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