Referees on older games

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Well I guess everything’s in the title. Would it be possible for the CG-team to release the referees on the previous multi games (when it’s useful and not, against the rules … Of course, no referee for the CG-sponsored challenge ;)) ?

This would simplify a lot of things and help people with engines. For instance we had questions today on the engine of Mars Lander, and it seems pretty clear that nobody really knows how it works precisely. And the more time passes, the more some knowledge might be lost (Poker Chip Race collisions are different than CSB right ?).

I think it would be good for the community to have access to this :slight_smile:


Yes, please!
Even if they’re not as clean/clear as current referees, having some official reference code would go a long way in keeping interest in older games, majority of which are really cool and deserving of attention.


Mars Lander? I think I fully simulated it, Codingame’s Mars Lander 2 Test Simulation
Run it and you’ll see both the CG output and my simulated state. Note that the simulated state only copy game state at turn 0, from there it’s fully simulated, and as you’ll see the simulation doesn’t drift over time.

But this is nothing nowhere as harder as Poker Chip Racer. PCR has collisions, absorbtions, with chained absorbtions, collisions against walls after absorbtions…,… really hard to do it accurately, yes. Took me weeks.

So yes, I agree that having all referees is a good thing (all of them, not just simulation based ones).
This is good also to reduce CG’s server load by testing things offline.


On the Mars Lander topic, there was a discussion about what the actual integration looks like. One of the tricky things, left unsaid in the statement, is that all positions and velocities are stored as floats and only truncated at display :slight_smile: That’s the kind of things that can take lots of time to debug while a Referee would give us the solution very fast !

But all in all you’re right, ML is pretty easy to simulate, that was just an example among other things :slight_smile:

Poker Chip Race ?

In a popularity contest, CSB is the winner :smiley: And having the CSB referee would a pretty cool thing ! I don’t care if the code is unreadable and ugly. I’ll deal with it.

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Referee for Fantastic Bits please. It would be useful and interesting to see.


yes, yes, and yes!