Reference list of valid system calls


Without a list of valid system calls this is simply a waste of time and energy. The concept is great but unless there is any proper documentation it is just f*ng guesswork.

For instance, according to the guide if one prints or echoes the command SHOOT it should fire. But it doesnt. SHOOT\n in small as well as large caps do nothing. Not even producing errors.

Why does (in php) echo (“shoot”); do nothing? Why does echo $enemy1 do nothing?

Where the hell do I go to bugtest and/or see where I go wrong?

What puzzle are you talking about ? $enemy1 seems to refer to Onboarding, but i didn’t see any command SHOOT.

if dist1 is smaller than dist2
    print enemy1
    print enemy2

I just quoted the onboarding puzzle, which i guess you’re refering to. The ‘system calls’ as you are refering to are either echo("$enemy1\n"); or echo("$enemy2\n"); and it’s your job to find out when you should order to fire on the first enemy, and when on the second. (based on the distance)

So it is not a

like you said, it all about logic and AI, and the output expected is written in the left. You may wanna try to calm down and try using the forum if you are in trouble, but swearing isn’t going to solve anything.

I hope I could help you understand your concern, and wish you to solve many more puzzles.

Keep Coding

Its onboarding. Solved it now.

Either way, I think a clearer instruction would be in order.

Maybe a more general explanation of how games are written would do the trick.