Refresh Chat / Chat Nicknames

When a new user appears in the chat he normaly has one of those nice randomized nicknames. But even after he changed others still see the old username.

I guess you (or the library you use) are caching user information.

Could we plz add a button that resets this cache and reloads the chat?

Especially as a Moderator it is stupid if i can’t be sure that the name i see in the chat is the right one … so i always have to hover over the nick to get the user card loaded and then i have to remember the nickname correctly to kick a spammer.

What Tiramon described was also what happened to me up to yesterday (I can’t tell for today as I haven’t used the chat today).

Whenever the chat refreshes,

  • The randomized nicknames for some users (me and/or others) are shown instead of the user names.
  • The randomized nicknames may or may not refresh to the user names after some time.

Another issue with the refresh which occurred a few times to me: I was typing a reply to a post in the forum, but when the chat refreshed, the cursor jumped to the chat window. So when I continued to type (not realising that the cursor had jumped), the words started to appear in the chat typing area instead of the forum typing area. (One workaround that seems to work is to collapse the chat when I’m typing in the forum typing area, but that’s not ideal.)