Replay clash

Hello Guys,

this is my first post so please do not mock me if I’m asking anything dumb…

Is there a way to play a clash again without the time constraint?

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You can search it here, if you remember anything of the statement: CG Puzzle search

There is also a user script for greasemonkey that adds a “go to task” button to the clash result page. But it requires 300 played clashes or a user level of 29+ to work. It’s linked somewhere here on the forum, I just can’t find it right now.


Thanks :clap: @eulerscheZahl for this special and :+1: useful CodinGame tool :smiley: .
→ I’ve found a missing information for an old problematic Validator puzzle : very good !


Thank you for the sharing @eulerscheZahl :slight_smile:
@Jp82 I’m happy that my question also helped you!