Request for Comments / Contribution for playground

One of the cool features of CodinGame is the ability to casually explore and try out new programming languages. I am creating a playground for a very high-level exploration of the 27 supported languages on CG.
The concept: the same code snippet is written in all the languages, and checking what does the code reveal about the language’s main characteristics.

So far only the general layout and the first few pages are ready (C#, Java, PHP): link

As this concept involves a minor reveal of puzzle solution, I would like to ask for moderator opinion, before investing more time in it - to avoid seeing the playground getting deleted later.

  • In my opinion the code reveal issue is minor (1 single easy puzzle, which was already solved by 75k users anyway), and the learning and exploration potential outweights the disadvantages. Please let me know if I am wrong.
  • If you are interested in showing your favourite language’s main features to other coders, I would be glad to have you as a co-author / contributor. In fact, my puzzle solutions in some of the languages, I barely know, are just too horrible to show. It would be much better to discuss an idiomatic code snippet, that truly showcases the distinctive features of the given language. (e.g. I managed to submit non-functional F# code, go figure…)

Personally, I generally don’t like when solutions are freely shared, but it’s only because of the non-educative aspect of the thing. But if (well) done in a instructive goal, I think it’s a good idea.
Anyway, some of the easy puzzles already has their solutions revealed in the IDE’s “hint” tab.
So I would say there’s no problem with your project, though I can’t speak for others moderators or the Codingame’s team.

I love the idea @TBali

I don’t see a major problem for revealing this puzzle’s solutions. As you wrote, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

@Djoums contributed an excellent Javascript section and an alternative C# solution to this project, many thanks!

I see now that my ambition was a bit larger than my actual knowledge of most of the languages. Most likely I am NOT the best person to write the sections on Rust, Ruby, etc. (I could manage Pascal, but who would read it?)

If anybody interested in participating in this project by writing or contributing to a section, we are hiring! :slight_smile: Working conditions are superb (allowed to use your favourite IDE) and the payment is great (my everlasting gratitude and proper attribution)!

updated link to / github source of markdowns
Give it a pull (request)!
Don’t let your favourite language fall into oblivion just because you skipped the chance to write a short intro article for newcomers! :slight_smile:

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