Request: Ranking overview for AI/Optimization in profiles

It would be nice if CG profiles would show a table overview with rankings on multiplayer and optimization puzzles in the profiles, exactly like the table that’s already there for contests:
[Name of Game] | [RANK] / [Total # of players]

Right now only total number of CG points from multiplayer/Optimization is visible, which I think is not that expressive (4000 points could come from 2 pretty good submissions or from submissions to all games with less effort)

I guess this would also help bringing more attention to the multiplayer section, which seems like you guys are trying to do lately :slight_smile:

BTW: The "Your topic is similar to… "-feature seems a little bit conservative. It always shows totally unrelated topics claiming they are similar to the new topic I’m creating :smiley:


I definitely think it is a good idea.
However - I will point the other aspect as perhaps more important than tracking the number of CG points (yet tracking points also seem very useful, I had my concerns about ‘from what source I/he/she got that points’’ in some cases).
If you have a friend here, or someone you follow, you’re interested wat he/she is doing, and with what result ;-).
Now, If I want to check what multiplayer game someone is playing, I have to manually search him from each game leaderboard.

BTW It is also a correlated point of ‘what following means’. Now it is not much. E.g. you don’t receive info when someone you follow make some contribution, and this will be nice (at least optional). I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a similar voice somewhere on the forum speaking about this.

yep, we’ve several things on-going and impacting profile page, but this could fit in.

we’ve not developed the forum, it’s from discourse. Maybe there are some settings to tweak this feature though.

for sure we have a lot to improve on this