[Request] Update C# language support to .NET 6 & C# 10

  • .NET 6 is the new LTS, it’s been out for 6 months
  • .NET Core 3.1 (currently used version) support will end in 6 months
  • backwards compat is good between .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 6, and 100% between C# 8 and C# 10, so it should be easy

It would be terrific if we could use top-level statements, especially for Clash of Code shortest-code challenges.

It would be nice if implicit using directives were used - this would permit removing 5+ lines of boilerplate in all future C# templates and solutions and lines up with what developers brand new to C# are used to seeing in their own new code.

It’d be nice too if existing templates could be automatically modified to take advantage of these features but I guess that’s not something easily workable.


Agreed! That would be really nice to have for .NET devs ^^
I just can’t compete with JS/Python devs in terms of “shortest” coz of this.

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Please do this. That would enable me to finally have a chance to win a shortest-code challenge with c# :sweat_smile: