Reset Progress - Return to Wood League

I started learning a new language and would like to reset my progress on one of the competitive games I played years ago. How can I reset back to the wood league in a game?

Sadly you can’t…
But except if you are learning a new programming paradigm, you should be able to translate your code from your previous language. The bot logic stay the same.

Well that is unfortunate to hear. Seems like kind of an oversight as I’m sure it would be rather easy to add. I suppose I have the option to delete my account completely and start over. Kind of sad to lose years of history…

Why is that so important to reset to wood league? (I understand that it is not really friendly, but to the point to erase your account?)

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I want to be able to go through with a friend at the same time, and I like going through the stages incrementally. It was designed that way, and I think it works out pretty well. I’m thinking I will just create a second account to do that on there, and I can copy over my code later and delete that account after.

Making another account and use it for the purpose is a common solution for this problem (many people got them e.g. various streames that show how to start a particular game from the beginning.)