Reset progression in a multiplayer challenge


I’m a teacher and I use Codingame with my students to work on some of the first puzzles and I also use the coders-strike-back challenge with them. But, each year, (and some time multiple times in the same day) I need to erase my account (I use another one with my students) to show them the first leagues of this challenge.

It would be much more convenient if it was possible to restart a challenge. For the puzzle, I just have to erase my code and start again, but for the challenges, once I am in a higher league, it is too “late”.



Do you mean the “Restore Default Code” button in the top right of the text editor? (It looks like a refresh button)

Nah he meant : return to Wood after you reach an upper league (like Bronze).

And not it’s not possible to do it right now from the UI

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That’s exactly what I’m talking about: going back to wood 3. I now that it is a feature that is not very useful for most people but for teachers, like me, it is a very important feature.