Resource temporarily unavailable


I’m not sure if i’m doing something wrong but lately,
I’ve noticed a few Ghostbusters games lost to this issue.

The line says:
/usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable

My busters just doesn’t move, not even my first print get out (under the IDE) and I just timeout.
However it often just doesn’t happen again with a simple restart, at least for the few times i tried.

Therefore I wonder if it could be an issue on CG’s end.

After a little googling I came across this topic that could be of interest regarding this issue:

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Three years later and the same is happening to “Don’t Panic - Episode 1”. In the Code Golf and in the Practice section. Test cases sometimes fail, actually fairly frequently with exactly the same message as in parent’s post. Validators report on the average one to three failed tests that are usually different on sequential submits. After six or more attempts the 100% is reported, but the platform will hassle with the “robot or not” prompts. I noticed it first on 8 of may around 7am UTC and it goes on at 3pm UTC.

Same happens to me on BitRunner 2048: Code failed: your program was terminated before reaching the main entry point for your language
(possible reasons: segfault on static initializer, too much memory used, etc.)
/usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable

When I asked about it on the chat, everyone answered “I am having the same problem”, people report random crashes on all multis and even puzzles.

Perhaps someone from codingame can take a look when back from holidays?