Resources for beginners, and may be advanced, codingamers

Hello fellows,

Just wanted to share a couple of courses which I find to be good for codingame beginners and may be also interesting for more experienced once.

First of all an intruduction to AI course:

This course covers most of the basics of AI algorithms(in great detail) like BFS, DFS, A*, MiniMax, MiniMax with alpha-beta pruning, basic Machine learning, which for me are important for any codingamer. In there are many tasks for writing AI for small games and the teacher is very good professional. I’ve enjoyed every bit if the course.

What is an AI without a good unserstanding of a programming language, may be C++ :

I’m not a top codingamer, but trying my best to improve myself and learn what is needed.

Hope I’ve been useful for someone.



I didn’t noticed this category at first, when created this topic, so I’m moving it now.



I’m a beginner in AI. Which courses (books, webpages,…) would you recommand ?
Idea : To share on one game at least one good player’s code for each league could be useful in order to learn how to do. In the same way as as we can read code from others after a clash or solving a puzzle.

By the way, I love CG ! So fun.

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Personally for me, the resources from the original post helped me a lot.
The other thing I did was to first solve as much solo achievement puzzles(like Mars Lander) as possible, that way I’ve improved my algorithmic and game search skills very much. After you’re confident that your algorithms work fast enough you could move to multiplayer games, maybe Ultimate Tic Tac, turn based and nice to simulate.
At least intermediate knowledge of the programming language used is also necessary.
Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

Not now maybe as you say you are a beginner, but you may find the following thread relevant to you when you want to learn neural networks in the future: