Revenge in rejecting contributions

TL;DR: What can I do against one user (and his obedient friends) taking revenge on me regarding rejecting contributions?

Like two weeks ago, I rejected a contribution of user Westicles, while giving my reasons (requires a lot of googling, solution was obfuscated). Other users shared the opinion, so the contribution got eventually rejected.

Couple of days later, I rejected another contribution (without even realizing it’s again the same author) and again, it got eventually rejected, because many people disliked the idea.

Btw, author resubmitted both contributions, I don’t think he addressed any of the suggestions (I may be wrong though).

Yesterday I created a new CoC contribution, it got approved by one user (btw #1 in CoC), but then it got instantly rejected by Westicles (reason: Solution not appropriate for shortest mode.), and his two friends who often accept his contributions when everyone else rejects them (reasons: “I don’t like this. You have to better than this.” and “Makes no sense Try harder next time!”). To me it looks like an obvious non-constructive revenge. What can I do to defend? I’d love to improve my contribution so that it is better, but in this case I’ve no idea how I should do that.


Link to the rejected contribution: here


I’ll just point out that both his puzzles were approved by the same guys before going back to WIP.
@Westicles I’ve nothing against you but you need to stop that crap.

Before this degenerates into a slanging match, I’d urge restraint for now, we will deal with this issue properly tomorrow OK?


Yes, people need to rein in their emotions. There are a lot of factually inaccurate accusations being levied here, and libelous outrage won’t make them true.

I’m looking into this



  • I’ll delete @anon12600689 's account: full of copy paste solutions account and abusing their powers.
  • @ChampionCoder you could follow the same path if you continue behaving this way. First (and last) warning.
  • @Westicles , the reason for rejection of this puzzle seems abusive to me. I’m expecting more from high-level members of the community. Consider this as a warning before removal of your moderation rights.
  • @Westicles @Velcoro I trust you both to do what’s best for the community: create and moderate great contributions. You can disagree on things but please remain polite. Fight with ideas not with personal attacks. @Velcoro feel free to repost your puzzle as is.

Awesome, thanks a lot.

Sounds good. I will try to add more valuable feedback to my rejections, like “the shown solution is obfuscated for no reason”.

Just an observation. Sentences such as “I appreciate your opinion.” after lengthy paragraphs might come across the wrong way. Probably that’s where this misunderstanding started.


While you’re at it you might want to check out this account as well:

I’m seeing more and more of these junk accounts everyday.
I think it hurts the community especially when you consider how little you have to do to obtain moderation rights.

yeah, we picked that new one up this morning @XorZy

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What about a minimum account age before getting moderation rights?

(Of course any restriction can be circumvented if one really wants to, but this would raise the bar)


Goodbye Westicle, welcome anon12600701. So what’s your new account name now ? :slight_smile:

MegaLOL… (by JBM)


I is not a Revenge it is rejected because you have do more.
I know u are a brilliant coder u have to do more in codingame.

And you, Rockstar555, should be more humble…

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Hi Djums, if that was a joke I’m afraid it didn’t come across clearly in English. Maybe try different translation SW?

@TwoSteps, I assume I am also allowed to publish contributions making fun of other members? Or are we applying a double standard here as well?

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to be fair @Westicles, I saw that more as taking the mickey out of the entire situation, as opposed to attacking anyone individually.

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Sure, it was a translation error :wink:

Edit : I suppose it’s a total coincidence that both my contributions were just downvoted.

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