Run scala code via REPL

For a good quantity of the clash of code shortest mode games, scala can be competitive with python, even ruby. But because of the following 29-characters overhead, scala solutions are always ranked behind those of scripting languages.

object Solution extends App{}

It can be removed if the code is run in scala REPL.


I revive this topic for a little up !
Scala is awesome but we really need REPL evaluation for ClashOfCodes or it’s autoloose.
Would you please consider adding it :pleading_face:


I would like to have REPL also for scala


Any chance to see Scala REPL?
I also think it may help to run the test cases faster. Right now Scala is probably the slowest, 1 test take around 10 sec so i can literally wait 1 minute just to run the test cases in Clash of Code…