Run your python AI locally on linux?


I’m trying to work on genetic algorithms and I would like to try my bot locally. I’ve seen @Aveuh’s tool but I would like to know if there is an easier way to make a referee in python and 2 bots and run them locally using pipes or things like that ? I’m using linux, so I think it should be possible without too much hassle, but I’m not that experienced into that kind of things.


That depends on what multiplayer you are playing.

You can have a look at the brutaltester. There are game engines for Ghost in the Cell and Coders of the caribbean (ported from the official referee, link in brutaltester readme) as well as unofficial ones for some other multiplayers. You need either the .net framework or mono (which is available for Linux) to run them.

Agade has some arenas too. I haven’t tried them yet.

I’m working on Smash the code, but I would prefer using something more simple. I don’t mind writing the referee since I’ve already made the evaluation functions for my bot.
I’ll look at brutaltester.