Rust edition is still set to 2018


From starting my code in the Playground, I can see that it’s attempted to compile the code with 2018 edition. (notably, no into_iter() for arrays and TryInto not in the prelude, but also more annoying variables captures in closures…)

That would just be an argument to set in the compilation command (rustc --edition 2021).
Could you please do that update?

NB: It also looks like the language version is not the latest, 1.60 when current is 1.63, but that is pretty secondary.


One year later and this is still using edition 2018 instead of 2021. This is literally just a 2018 to update to 2021 in the compiler invocation.

It seems that CodinGame’s management is dead. Is that correct?
Did CoderPad’s management reallocate all the staff out of the “game” part of CodinGame to the more profitable recruitment activities as soon as they bought it?

I might have invested time in developing a game otherwise but that is really un-motivating if all the staff is gone and there’s nobody to talk to to get an official bot fight going or trying to develop the community.

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