School ranking?

Wouldn’t be interesting to have some kind of school ( and company ) ranking ?
All codingame points of people from one school could be sum up together to have the points for their school, and then have a complete ranking for schools and company.

I think it could be a nice feature to have such a leaderboard, with a new kind a competition which could bring more and more people to CodinGame.

What do you guys think about that ?


we’re actually working on it :slight_smile:

A lot of players have not yet added their school/company on their profile so such a leaderbord wouldn’t bring much value now. But yeah it’s in the pipe!


Is this an extension of the “clan” feature that was brought up several months ago?

To be a bit more clear, what we have in mind is to bring up a leaderboard per school/company so you could compare to your fellow workers/students.

We indeed want to add some spice by adding a competition between schools or between companies, but this means some difficulties to make it relevant. So @Numb I might have been a bit too quick in my first reply, sorry.


Perfect, thx for your answer :slightly_smiling:

Sorry for the late up but I had the same idea few days ago, I did a small python script for that. I used the same scoring system as in the school ranking they does few years ago: the sum of the scores of the 5 best codingamers for each schools. I only crawled 50 first pages but here is the result I get:

(As I am crawling only the first 50 pages, somes schools had only 3/5 or 4/5 students counted in the total score)